An Adventure


“This is going to be the best first date ever!” Evan cheered taking Olivia’s hand. “What exactly…are we doing?” Olivia asked. She watched as Evan’s grin grew wide until is resembled a Cheshire cat. “Something completely original and out of the box.” Olivia rolled her eyes playfully. Instead of going to see a movie, or catching a bite to eat, Evan had to be creative. That was something she loved about him. She was starting to become glad she said yes to this date. “This date is going to be so great, you’re going to fall head over heels in love with me.” Evan teased, his thick Bristol accent coming out to play. “Boy, isn’t someone full of themselves. You know, that can be considered a huge turn off for me.” Olivia giggled. “Oh? Then I mean this date is going to suck…and you’re not gonna like it…I think.” Olivia giggled. Her hair was suddenly whipped from her face as the upcoming train rushed wind towards them. “This is us.” Evan said standing. “Where are we going?” Olivia asked. But Evan didn’t reply. He just slipped his hand into Olivia’s small one. Olivia tried not to blush too hard at the contact between her and Evan. She did really like him. 

   As they took their seats on the train, Olivia realized they were still holding hands. She admired the way Evan’s hands were soft and smooth, yet there was also bit of roughness to them. She liked the way their hands fit perfectly together like puzzle pieces. She liked the way it felt right to hold his hand. When Olivia looked up Evan was starring straight at her. “What?” Olivia blushed. Evan just chuckled. “I quite fancy when you blush, Olivia. It’s cute.” He said. His comment only made her blushing a lot worse. Evan pulled his hand away from hers to pull something out of his back pocket. A map and a pen.  Olivia tried to sneak a peek at the map to get a hint of where they were going, but Evan wouldn’t have it. He claimed it was “top secret”. So she watched him focus on the map for a while. His eyebrows furrowed in deep concentration. Olivia giggled then focused her attention to the fast paced blurs outside the train’s window. Stripes of green and lines of grey whirled past her eyes so fast it made her tired. She looked over at Evan, who was also falling asleep. His short blonde hair covered one of his eyes. Evan’s face was of perfect symmetry. Everything about him made Olivia want to kiss him. She watched as he leaned against the window and struggled to stay awake. “This train ride is making me sleepy.” He confessed. Olivia giggled at his cuteness. “I spy with my little eye…something red.” Olivia said. Evan sat up and smiled at her. “My map.” 

“No fair! You cheated!” Olivia teased.

“How did I cheat?” Evan questioned. “It’s like the only thing red for miles.” She sighed then stuck out her tongue. “I spy with my little eye…something breathtakingly beautiful.” Evan said looking straight into Olivia’s eyes. Her breath hitched in her throat and her heart began to beat irregularly. She felt her cheeks begin to flush. “Uh…the scenery…outside?” Evan leaned forward over the table. “Nope.”

“T-that water bottle?”

“Oh! So close.” Evan said leaning closer. “Do you want a hint?” Olivia breathlessly nodded. 

“It’s Y-O-U.” Evan spelled. Olivia gulped then leaned forward as well. 

“Well played, charmer.” She bravely stated. 

“I think so too.” Evan whispered. And with that, he closed the extra inch between them; granting Olivia her first kiss. Olivia’s heart almost beat right out of her chest. There wasn’t the cliché fireworks, instead there was something better. It was like a tsunami releasing waves of warmth through her veins; a feeling which she enjoyed. Evan seemed to like the kiss as well. He enjoyed the feeling of Olivia’s soft, plump lips. Lips he’d been waiting to kiss the moment he laid eyes on them. Olivia soon pulled away. “Wow.” Evan whispered, starring into Olivia’s green orbs. They both felt the train start to slow to a stop. “Is this our stop?” Olivia asked, blushing from the previously shared activity. Evan grinned. “I have no idea.” He confessed. “What do you mean you have no idea?” 

“I don’t know where we are…” He said. Olivia laughed. 

“You’re joking.” 

“It’s an adventure! We can find our way to the right place as soon as I learn to read this map.” He chuckled. Olivia continued to laugh. 

“You’re lucky you’re cute.” She said pulling him close for another kiss.

“And lost.” He whispered, chuckling.

“And lost.” She repeated. 

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